Opportunities to Serve:

Sip Leadership Team

  • Creative Directors: The chief objective of this role is to design tablescapes for each Sip session. Two directors are required (one to attend the 4 PM and arrive at 3 PM to set up, and one to attend the 7 PM and arrive at 6 PM to set up and tear down all tablescapes after the 7 PM session and transfer them to the 4 PM Design Director) Both directors would work together to design tablescapes. This role requires monthly meetings lasting 2 hours.
  • Prayer Team: The chief objective of this role is to be available to pray with women during the designated journal time towards the end of the Sip night. This role does not require early attendance to the Sip session.
  • Special Events Team: The chief objective of this team is to plan, execute, and host our upcoming Sip in the Spring slated for May 3rd. Design, Hospitality, Worship, and Prayer minded women please apply. Monthly meetings will be required leading up to the event.
All positions require an eager heart to pray for the ministry, pray over other women regularly (in person, over the phone, and in your personal prayer time) The Special events team will be planning our Sip in Spring event slated for May 3rd.
This is limited to when Sip is in session or before an event.
We communicate mostly through texts, emails, and allow up to an hour to receive a response from team members.
Meetings are normally around 8 PM in the evenings and last two hours.

Care Team

  • As a Care Team Member, you are making yourself available in times of crisis to serve the practical needs of women within Sip. If someone is in the hospital, in a time of grief or loss, you will be notified along with other care team members and together we’ll do our best to meet the needs of the beloved Sip woman in crisis. It could be as simple as dropping off a meal. We understand you won’t always be available to help and there is zero guilt if you can’t help with an individual need.